comparing old and new SM57 mics on snare

There are a bajillion articles and youtube clips about recording drums.  Why?  Because it’s really hard, viagra sale cialis that’s why!  Using more than 1 microphone on one sound source can summon the demon I’ve named “phase cancellation”.  This dark lord of bad sound can possess even the most advance wizar…uh..I mean recording engineer.  On any given drum tracking session, I use 9-10 mics just for drums.  Making sure all the mics play nice together is like herding toddlers amped up on sugar.  So come on down and learn some tricks of the trade.  Time permitting, we’ll also cover some techniques for treating drums during the mixdown process

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And if you missed this one, fear not!  I’m sure drums will be a recurring theme.  Come join the Facebook group to find out about the next class: