The Tremolux was sick for a while (one bad power tube).  We just got it back from the shop.  It sounds perfect!  Before this, viagra usa recipe my favorite blackface Fender amp was my buddy’s ’66 Pro Reverb (with Utah speakers).  That has all changed:)

The afore mentioned buddy, drugstore Ed Otto, cialis called me up one day to inform me that he spotted the Tremolux at an estate sale on Vashon Island.  I grew up with Ed and have played in bands with him.  When it comes to guitar geekery, I trust his opinion completely.  He knew I was looking for a blackface Fender with reverb.  His sage advice was “Dude, you gotta jump on this!”.  I bought it sight unseen.  No regrets.  This thing is a dream come true!

I recently mixed a record for the owner of Northwest Guitars

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.  When I showed him the head, he told me “it doesn’t get much cleaner than this”.  It appeared to have been sitting in a closet for a very long time and came with the matching cabinet and original “oxford” 10-inch speakers.  It even had the original brown “zip chord” speaker cable!

The sound of the 2×10 cabinet is very unique in the realm of vintage Fender amps.  I believe this is the only model that used one.  The sound is tight and focused, especially in the low end, which is not what I am used to for blackface amps.  After plugging several guitars into this thing, the best sounds came from single coil Fender guitars (Strat, Jazzmaster).  How weird is that?  Seriously though, the amp never sounded “icy” even with the bridge pickups.  And turned up to 10, you get that magic squishy, ripping tearing splatter that only blackface amps deliver.  Weeeeee!