Lilian Blair

My name is Lilian Blair and I am a producer and engineer in the Seattle area. I specialize in old school, love-and-support record production. I’m not here to tell you what to do artistically; you are the artist, after all. Rather, I’m here to help you express your art to the fullest, and to help take your musical dreams and bring them out into the world! My role is to be your first fan, sitting in the control room and helping your music transform from a performance into a record.

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A bit about me!
I studied Digital Audio Engineering at Shoreline Community College as well as Creative Writing at the University of Washington. After school I interned at Shoreline’s London Bridge Studios where I learned how to take my college education and apply it at a professional level.

What does it look like to work with me?
It all starts with preproduction. This is when we do all our planning and preparation for going into the studio. We’ll workshop the songs, go over arrangements, come up with cool stuff to try while recording; pretty much everything we can think of to make sure that we’re as ready as possible to make the most out of our time in the studio.

Once that’s done, recording should be a breeze of keeper takes and creative fun! Having fun is part of the creative experience, and it’s my job to cultivate that kind of environment, in addition to handling the technical aspects of making a record. I oversee how everything comes together, ensuring that it grooves, makes you tap your foot and hum along, moves you emotionally, or whatever else you want your music to elicit in your listeners.

After recording it’s off to mixing! I either mix by myself in my home studio, or we can go into Earwig and mix together. The benefit of me working at home is that I’m able to spend a little more time fine tuning the mixes to get them sounding exactly the way you want. The benefit to mixing at Earwig is we are able to have a conversation while we mix so there’s less back and forth later on.

Finally, after mixing, we send the songs off to a mastering engineer who does the final prep for release! Yay!

Thank you for reading my spiel! Please reach out so we can talk more about your project and needs, schedule a coffee, and get to know each other. I’m looking forward to helping you bring your musical dreams to life!

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